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Posted by: Bot
« on: December 23, 2011, 11:52:08 pm »

Here are a couple of Combat Ops hacks. Please note that you need Custom Firmware for these.

#PM in Game
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x000f11a0 0?14520000

 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x0076a0e8 0x4B000000

#Health Add
 ;Damage adds to Your Health
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x003380ac 0x460e6300

 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x000f1158 0?00000000
 0x000f114c 0?00000000
 0x000f1140 0?00000000
 0x000f1114 0?00000000
 0x000f1100 0?00000000
 0x000f10d8 0?00000000

#Health(No Killing)
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x00337f90 0x03e0008

#Inf Grenades
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0?00290004 0?24840000

#Grenade Add(1)
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0?00290003 0?24840001

#Inf Ammo
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x00271f14 0?24450000

#Inf Shotgun Secondary
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x0028E464 0?0000

#.303 Inf/Rapid/NoRecoil
 ;Infinite Ammo, No Recoil
 ;Rapid Fire, No Sound
 ;For .303
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x00283E90 0?00000000

#Inf OU (.303 Secondary)
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x00283EF0 0?0000

#Inf XR-004 Secondary
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x00264C34 0?0000

#Rapid Fire
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x00271E24 0?14000004
 0x00271E2C 0x3C040000

#WIY?s One Shot Kill
 ;Auger WS
 ;Enable once online
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x0041A178 0x0E200400
 0?00001000 0x3C080880
 0?00001004 0?24090068
 0?00001008 0x3C0A0000
 0x0000100C 0x240B7FFF
 0?00001010 0?00096400
 0?00001014 0?01886820
 0?00001018 0x3C080011
 0x0000101C 0x01A84820
 0?00001020 0x8D2A4CA4
 0?00001024 0?19400009
 0?00001028 0?00000000
 0x0000102C 0x3C080900
 0?00001030 0x010A482B
 0?00001034 0x1D200005
 0?00001038 0?00000000
 0x0000103C 0x8D4C04A0
 0?00001040 0xAD8B00E0
 0?00001044 0xAD8B00E4
 0?00001048 0xAD8B00E8
 0x0000104C 0x8D4C04AC
 0?00001050 0xAD8B00E0
 0?00001054 0xAD8B00E4
 0?00001058 0xAD8B00E8
 0x0000105C 0x8D4C04D4
 0?00001060 0xAD8B00E0
 0?00001064 0xAD8B00E4
 0?00001068 0xAD8B00E8
 0x0000106C 0x8D4C04B8
 0?00001070 0xAD8B00E0
 0?00001074 0xAD8B00E4
 0?00001078 0xAD8B00E8
 0x0000107C 0x03E00008
 0?00001080 0x0E390DE7

#Instant Start
 ;SonniE [PSPHS]
 0x000ac90c 0?34040000

#Fake Horizontal Clipping
 ;Fall Through Floor
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0069CAB8
 0?00000038 0?06

#Cam Infront of Player
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0069CAB8
 0x0000003C 0?00020000

#Fake Team Switch
 ;Enable in Game Room
 ;00=Maquis, 01=Cloven
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0xFFFFFFFF 0x007D5730
 0x0000004C 0?00
 0?00000050 0?00

#WIY?s Flash
 ;Mod Value For Speeds
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0069CAB8
 0?00000078 0?40800000

 ;Automatically climb climbable things
 ;Enable ONLY in game
 ;Disable before leaving game
 ;Disable BEFORE opening start menu
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x0041A1AC 0x0E200410
 0?00001150 0x3C0808EC
 0?00001154 0x3C0908EB
 0?00001158 0x8D08DC58
 0x0000115C 0x8D0A002C
 0?00001160 0x8D4B009C
 0?00001164 0x240D002F
 0?00001168 0x8D6C0020
 0x0000116C 0x158D0003
 0?00001170 0x8D2E3DCC
 0?00001174 0x240E0040
 0?00001178 0xAD2E3DCC
 0x0000117C 0x03E00008
 0?00001180 0x0E390DE1

#Auto Increment XP
 ;Credit DFZ
 0x004cae94 0x0e200200
 0?00000800 0x3c0808e9
 0?00000804 0x8d087c74
 0?00000808 0x8d0a00fc
 0x0000080c 0x254a0001
 0?00000810 0xad0a00fc
 0?00000814 0x03e00008
 0?00000818 0x0e331750