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PSP Downloads / Re: PSP GAMES
« on: January 01, 2012, 05:56:29 pm »
 :) Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 (Online Only)

Introductions / Re: My introduction
« on: January 01, 2012, 05:13:13 pm »
Your never active so i should remove you to normal. This is a Warning ok. Not a infraction Warning. Not on your profile.

Free Chat / Free avatars for your Profile.
« on: December 31, 2011, 03:35:10 am »

If you need any help post here!


Call of Duty Black Ops Hardened Zombie Map Pack Generator

1. If you have a PS3, select the PS3 tab on the application. Click the generate button and wait for a code. When you are presented with your code, write it down on a piece of paper. Boot up your Playstation 3 and enter this code in the Playstation store. Your download will start immediately after.

2. If you have a PC, select the PC tab on the application। Click the install button and wait for the map packs to install. When the installation has finished, you will be asked to restart your computer. After restarting, the installation will be complete.

3. If you have a Xbox360, select the Xbox360 on the application. Click the generate button and wait for a code. When you are presented with your code, write it down on a piece of paper. Boot up your Xbox360 and enter this code in the Xbox360 store. Your download will start immediately after.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Level Hack

Call Of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Level Hack 

Hello Guys after a long time i am giving u Call of Duty black ops 15th prestige level hack.

Steps To Intall :

Step 1: Download File and UnRar
Step 2: Load it Onto a Memory stick That has more than 60mb
Step 3: Put it onto your PS3 or XBOX or WII (For PC Just Save it in Savegame Folder)
Step 4: Install it Onto Console (Not Needed For PC)
Step 5: Join a Public Game And Level up Insanely fast!

Btw. I didnt make this.

Site Announcements / To all the new Members!
« on: December 29, 2011, 06:02:45 pm »
If you sign up we will give you a Free Userbar with your name on it!
Trust me we a good Community for psp game codes, Even Ps3 Codes, Even more!
So Just Register Today! :D

Offical Firmware / Update To 6.60 OFW
« on: December 29, 2011, 12:50:31 am »

PSP? System Software Update
Update using a PC

Required items
A PSP? (PlayStation?Portable) system with battery pack and AC adaptor      Memory Stick Duo? media with at least 28 MB of free space      Either system storage or Memory Stick Micro? (M2)? media, with at least 28 MB of free space
Internet access
One of the following:
A commercially available USB A<-> Mini-B (5-pin) cable
 A USB cable with multi-use connector (included with the PSP?go system)
A commercially available Memory Stick USB reader/writer*
A PC equipped with a Memory Stick slot*

*Depending on the slot type on the device you use, an adaptor (sold separately) is required.
 - For Memory Stick Duo? media: Memory Stick Duo Adaptor (model number MSAC-M2; a Sony product sold separately)
 - For Memory Stick Micro? (M2)? media: Memory Stick Micro? (M2)? Adaptor (model number MSAC-MMDS or MSAC-MSDSP; both Sony products sold separately)

   Download procedure
1. Prepare to save the update data on Memory Stick Duo? media, using one of         the following methods:
    Connect the PSP? system to the PC using the USB cable
    Connect a commercially available Memory Stick USB reader/writer to the PC
    Use the Memory Stick slot on the PC
    Create a folder for the update data on Memory Stick Duo? media.

2. Using your PC, create a folder named "PSP". Within the "PSP" folder, create a       folder named "GAME". Within the "GAME" folder, create a folder named                  "UPDATE". (Folder names must be in all uppercase letters).

3. Download the update data for the PSP-1000/2000/3000 series and save it in         the "UPDATE" folder created in step 2.

Custom Firmware / PSP Custom Firmware 6.39 ME v2 Released *Updated*
« on: December 29, 2011, 12:39:26 am »

CFW-master, neur0n, has released yet another custom firmware, which again is for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 models only. So if you're a longtime PSP'er and you like rockin' the absolute latest in terms of official firmware, but you still want your [unsigned] homebrew and ISOs, then update to 6.39 ME v1. Yessir -- have your cake and eat it too. And like neur0n's other custom firmwares, you can dual-boot OFW by pressing and holding the "Home" button on startup. Now that's cool.

Support Unsigned Homebrew
Support Extra module ( = plugins )
Support ISO mount with M33driver, NP9660driver, OEdriver, NormalDriver and MEdriver
Support UMD video
Support converted PSX(PS1) game and custom DOCUMENT.DAT
Unlock 480x272 avc video
Unlock max display brightness lenel without AC adapter
Unlock ExtraMemory for Homebrew ( slim only )
Unlock Slim color in XMB.(need to prepare bmp file
Support USB battery charging
Support CPU speed control
Support hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG option
Support Flash0/1/2/3/UMD mount with USB
Support fake region
Support Battery EEPROM option in recovery menu
Support to load Unsignated module
Support to load packed ( with Dark_AleX's psp-packer ) module

Install an existing CFW or HEN first; 5.00 M33 / 5.50 GEN / 6.20 TN-D / 6.20 and 6.35 PRO-B5 are good to go
Download the OFW 6.39 update, extract and rename EBOOT.PBP to 639.PBP
Copy 639.PBP to PSP/GAME/UPDATE on your memory stick
Download and extract the CFW 6.39 ME v1 package
Run the 6.39 ME v1 Installer from the XMB

See Readme.txt for more info.

Update: neur0n has quickly released v2, fixing a silly bug where your PSP would crash when trying to access PSN
PSP CFW 6.39 ME v2
PSP OFW 6.39

Custom Firmware / PSP CFw 6.39 PRO-B10 Fix1.
« on: December 29, 2011, 12:31:44 am »
CFw 6.39PRO-B10 Fix1 available for download. New in this rel: Fix bugs: CIPL Installer/Flasher on psp 01g/02g, ISOCache infinite loop, unsupport>2GB ISO,PSPGo ISO VIDEO MOUNT and ISO file size when mounting UMD through USB (thx to neur0ner). Reduce FastRecovery file size,speedup fast recovery (thx to neur0ner). Added support 2GB~4GB ISO/CSO..
Using CIPL_flasher on PSP-2000 ta088v3 or PSP 3g and up mainboards will BRICK your PSP. Though we added a check at startup which may prevent it happens, by exiting the CIPL flasher if such model detected. If yours are ta088v3 but it turns out not to exit at startup then you should exit immediately and report it back.

PSP development coldbird & virtuous flame on PRO PSP Firmware has released Custom Firmware 6.39PRO-B6 for All psp models ( 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 7g, 9g ). This is a Aftermarket Firmware for Playstation Portable, and licensed under the GPLv3, made by users for the users.

 It will continue to provide you with new features, even after Sony drops the platform and allows you to develope your own applications for PSP. And most importantly, With this release, you are not at risk in doing
If you do not know what psp modules you have, you can download and run the to find out, before proceeding. From where to start
Homebrew Compatible: Run your own unsigned applications, both user and kernel mode.
Plugin Compatible: Add new features to your PSP via kernel mode background plugins.
ISO / CSO and Game Dump Playback: Backup your own UMD discs via USB and play them from Flash Storage.
2g+ Memory Range Unlock: Use the previously locked RAM range within your own homebrews.
NODRM Engine: Use your bought DLCs, no matter on which PSN account you are currently logged in.
PSX Emulator Unlock: Play your PSX classics, yes - all of them. Not just PSN titles.
And a lot more...
Change log:
Fixed NODRM Engine on Dissidia Duodecim.
Fixed High Capacity Bug.
Fixed Bug in np9660.
Fixed button-input related startup freeze.
Fixed rare crash in exploiting stage.
Added 6.39 Kernel Support.
Developer's note: I recommend the old version of PRO users began to appear in the game after the 6.60 upgrade PRO-B9, so as not to archive the user is not compatible with 6.60. 6.60 PRO-B9 use kernel vulnerabilities from some1/Davee/Proxima/Zecoxao the 6.60 downgrader. To express thanks again.
*PSP CFw 6.39PRO-B10 Fix1.
*PSP CFw 6.39PRO-B9.
-- Find it with google (File removed at legal request of SCEI.) --
 *OFw PSP 6.39 (for PSP 100x, 200x, 300x).
 *OFw PSP-GO 6.39 (for PSP Go - N-Series).
Installation Instructions:
Note: This software is free, and comes with no warranty, it has been tested and it has work, however I am not responsible for any bricked, so please try this at your own risk!.

Required: PSP-300x, PSP-200x, +TA-088v3 or PSP GO (1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 7g, 9g) has Sony Firmware ?6.39? installed. other firmware is not supported. If you don?t have PSP 6.39 installed, you need to update its.

PSP Update 6.39 installation :
 If your PSP already on OFw 6.39, skip this step. Make sure psp has running under OFw, check psp version!! (DON'T update if psp under CFw!, If not, do the Restore Default Settings, and release the battery for a moment).

 Make sure psp has full battery or at least 75% and keep the AC cord connected during an update, to avoid any possible bricks.

 Copy ?EBOOT.PBP? of OFw PSP 6.39 to ?ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/? (You can make a new folder called UPDATE in all uppercase letters - CAPS). Then run the ?6.39 firmware update? from Game menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

Install CFw 6.39PRO-B:
 Copy ?PROUPDATE? and ?FastRecovery? folder to ?ef0: - ms0:/PSP/GAME/? on your PSP, Then Run ?6.39PRO-B Updater? to install the Aftermarket Modules, delete it afterwards, you won't need it again unless you wish to uninstall PRO CFw again.

 However, in the future you will have to boot it manually every time you shutdown and restart your PSP by executing the FastRecovery application.

Author: PSP ProFirmware - Google Code
 Share & enjoy the Homebrew!


PlayStation?Network - 2011's Most Popular Games and Add-Ons
New to PlayStation?Network? Not sure what games or add-ons to buy? Get inspired by checking out some of the top sellers from 2011. Download these and thousands of other games today by going to the PlayStation?Store on your PlayStation?3 console.

Staff Applications / Smily For Mod.
« on: December 28, 2011, 11:54:50 pm »
Are Moderator Is Smily. :D

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