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How To Make Mod Codes!
« on: January 14, 2012, 07:33:44 am »
-Please Do Not Take Credit ! It Took A Couple Days To Get It Right....


ok this guide will give you an idea on what to
do with your guns and how
 to mod/hack them! lets start!
going to start with a ramat, beacuse i think its the easiest!
1. boot
 up SFDM and get into the nitepr main menu.
2. now go to searcher.
 go down to the last sub-option text search.
4. enter RAMAT then
5. now look in the list the adress your lookin for is going to
with 0x0083 or 0x0084, just to make sure you have the correct
here it is: 0x00840DDA
6. now that u have that adress
your half way throught the battle!!
7. just hit select on the adress
in the search results and then hit R
till you get to the browser
 press select again in the browser and hit paste this time
9. now
just scroll down a few lines....
10. there should be a row with
FFFFFFFF (note: just an example the
amount of FF's may vary!!)
 now press select again and copy that adress.
12. press R one more
time till your in the decoder now press select and
then paste it
 HAS A LITTLE BUG!! make sure you have pasted the correct
this bug is a pain in the ass!!!)
13. now when you fixed the
adress(if needed) now there is a few rows of
FFF's just press x and
then down so that one of the rows clears. and
change it to what ever
 you want...try 14 this is the flame thrower.
14. now press R to
shoot and test it if that adress you just tested
fails restore the
FFFF's and and go to the next adress!
15. eventually after a few
try's youll get the right adress from there
on out change the values
 to what ever!
values i know of the top of my head!:
nerve gas- D or E
34- blue eletrical dots
 blue/purple plasma
7E-orange eletrical bullet(might b 7C)
you get good at gun mods you be able to find patterns just from
 with the values! so good luck and rep if you liked/thought
 thanks part 2 soon ill cover explosives and
that doesnt use bullets =]

This guide is going to show you how to
 hack the flamethrower and
explosives! I would consider it to be a
little harder then gun modding,
as to the FFFF's here dont do
anything! lets being!:


2. Ok boot up your psp, and get into SFDM story
 mode or online(online if
 your going to do the flamethrower!)Right
now im going to be focusing on
 the m67's and the smaw, why you ask?
well they are in story mode, and
it would b the fastest and easiest
to learn.

3. get to the weapon select screen, and select these
weapons: M67,SMAW,
and then any thing else!(NOTE: you must have m67,
 and the SMAW....and at
 this point you cant figure out why look to
the right of the screen, yep
 twords the top, click on that red X)

4. now that you have your weapons selective work on clearing an area out
 to test with out dying, i always kill the guy on the ground, then fast
 the guy on the tower by the fire, then the other guys that happen
 come. when they are gone we can begin searching.

5. lets do the
m67(NOTE: you cant just open up the nitePR menu and
search "M67"
there will b NO match)so your gunna search "timed_grenade"
quotes, you should get this address in the browser(if you read my
 guide it says that all gun address's start with 0x0083, or
 now just hit select and copy address then go into
decoder and press
 select again then paste.

6. now that your adress is in the
decoder it will be easier to read, and
 release some new hacks!
scroll down to near the FFF's (like in my last

7. now this the tricky part FFFFFF is for the bullets look around those
FFFFFF's up and down a few address's you should find one that reads

 your done you've found your address and value now just change 5 to get
 some new effects try 97 you'll get some cool blue rings! (I


SMAW modding!!:

1. The SMAW is rather easy
ill show you how to change the missle leaving
 the SMAW and when it
hits the target!

2. open your nitePR menu.

3. This address
 is REALLY hard to find! so ill give you a free-bee
0000001A is the SMAWS explosion
0x0083FD88 00000004 is the SMAWS
scope(change it youll see what i mean)
0x0083FD8C 00000019 is the
SMAWS bullet leaving the SMAW(the smoke)

4. edit these to your
likings and your done =]


1. open up your nitePR menu, if you've been following the guide
 we just
hacked the SMAW, well SFDM was nice enought to put the
right above the SMAW(haha)
(ill still show how to

2. search "FLAMETHROWER" no quotes you should get

3. put that in the decoder and scroll down the decoder
 and find the
FFFF's but this time is different, there aren't as
much FFFF's (its
going to be harder, there are two sections of
FFFFF's so find the one
with a 14 above the FFFFF's BINGO we have a
winner....ill let you guess

4. well your prob mad at me now lol
so ill tell you the 14 is the fire
so change 14 and your good to go!
 34 try that you'll get some blue

ok this one is
fairly easy, and maybe the same on all the other SF
series. this
tutorial will show you how to make the damage radius the
lvl(because i think the game is all ready ruined), and to make the

lvl black on explosion, or blue flashing explosion all fairly easy if
 have read my other tutorials!

damage radius
 using references from my other tutorials)
1. find the gun you want
to mod(explosives are the best)
2. now go near the FFFF's and look up
 a few lines A041 you should see
3. use the first one this is the
damage radius(youl see the next on in
the next paragraph), now on
some weapons its diffrent C841, A241....etc
just remove the front
one C8, A2, A0...etc to 0044 and now its done
4. wasnt
that ez!

black lvl/blue explosion on impact
using references from my other tutorials)
1. again, find the gun you
want to mod(explosives are the best)
2. again now go near the FFFF's
then up a few lines until you see A041,
C841, A241....etc
3. this
 is the second one i was talking about on the same row!
4. change it
to 0044 for a black lvl on impact/ or change it to 0043 for
 a blue
5. wasnt that easy?

some address to start you off:
goggle mods: 03=no goggles(appears clear)
 01=IR goggles
 02=NV goggles
 04=EDSU goggles

MGL: 0x00832440
M16K: 0x00836E2C
AK47: 0x00833454
chinese type 56: 0x008342D4
desert eagle 357.: 0x00834AD4
dragonov SVD: 0x00834C74
FAMAS: 0x00834E14
galil AR: 0x008352E4
flash bang's: 0x00836974
M67's: 0x00836B14
IR goggles: 0x00837244
NV goggles: 0x008373D4
Z_X-Ray goggles: 0x00837564
EPDD(not 100% sure): 0x00837E54
M1 super: 0x00838194
desert eagle 44: 0x00838334
EPDD(not 100% sure): 0x008384C4
makarov: 0x00838664
spectre: 0x008389A4
usas-12: 0x00838CD4
EPDD(not 100% sure): 0x008391A4
Flash light: 0x0083A364
RPK: 0x0083AB64
sawed off shotgun: 0x0083BB84
SPAS-15: 0x0083DD54
SPAS-12: 0x0083DEE4
12 guage sweeper: 0x0083E894
M-60: 0x0083EA34
turret gun: 0x0083ED54
Flame thrower: 0x0083FBE4
Zip line(may freeze game): 0x008403F4
Ramat: 0x00840F34
Tripbar: 0x008410D4
sawed-off pistols: 0x00841C24
EDSU goggles: 0x00843020
AP mine: 0x00843120
laser mine: 0x008432B0
claymore mine: 0x00843450
EMP grenades: 0x00843E00
mine trigger: 0x008435F0
SMAW: 0x0083FD84

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