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(SFCO JUNK) By Sdrawkcab
« on: February 04, 2012, 04:25:05 pm »
Don't Steal Credit!
Code: [Select]
basically all of my crappiest codes. nothing worth while here just figure id post them.

 -lobby & message boards-

 #unable to join game
 ;the message will just pop on screen
 ;active in lobby
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x0132E20C 0x00000000

 #veiw players in chat room 1
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;join any cr besides one & turn on
 ;if i dosnt work join another cr with the code still activated
 ;basicly this allows to veiw all the players in cr1 with out being in cr 1
 ;great for pm spamming
 0x015BEB60 0x00000001
 0x015BEC24 0x000000CF
 0x0132E264 0x000000CF

 #cant load message board
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01578B74 0x00000000
 0x01578B78 0x00000000

 #no message board
 ;press select (home) to start
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01578B74 0xFFFFFFFF
 0x01578B78 0xFFFFFFFF

 #no players in lobby
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x00BE988 0x00000000

 #weird message board
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;this is a very weird code some times i moves people messages to other threads
 ;sometimes all subjects get deleted
 0x006768B4 0x00000100

 #chat room replaced with white screen
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x0132E0CC 0x00000010

 #chat room replaced with blackscreen
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x0132E0CC 0x00000000

 -making & joining games-

 #all host options locked
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01301E8C 0x000000AB
 0x0130266C 0x000000AB
 0x01302FAC 0x000000AB
 0x013016AC 0x000000AB

 #all host options unlocked
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;unlock locked options in ranked games
 0x01301E8C 0x000000AF
 0x0130266C 0x000000AF
 0x01302FAC 0x000000AF
 0x013016AC 0x000000AF

 #no disconnecting message when leaving games
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x00E88608 0xFFFFFFFF

 #disconnect option at join
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;if you host the game your self it says error game has already started
 ;but it still lets you in to your game
 0x00E88608 0x00000026

 #cannot leave games
 ;anti kick?
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x00E8860C 0x00000000

 #leave game message lock
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x00E8860C 0x00000002

 #highlighter cant move (picking game) on
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BEC 0x00000000

 #highlighter no move (picking game) off
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BEC 0x00000002

 #space in-between games
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BF0 0x00000015

 #all games bunched together
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BF0 0x00000000

 #thinks there are 30 games
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BE0 0x00000030

 #thinks there are 0 games
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x01307BE0 0x00000000

 #errors lock
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 0x00E88618 0x00000000

 -in game-

 #cant move
 ;press and hold L to move
 0x00F46B24 0x00000000

 #head shot boot
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;you get a head shot, you freeze
 0x0010D78C 0x03E00008

 #flickering pid
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;works in both day & night
 0x007505F4 0x00000000
 0x007505F8 0x00000000
 0x007505FC 0x00000000
 0x00750560 0x00000000

 #lock pid light
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;only works in clear day maps
 00E90D68 0x00000000

 #pid extrem flash
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;only works in clear day maps
 0x00F21D10 0x5F000000

 #every thing on the ground lights up
 ;credit sdrawkcab
 ;turn pid on then off
 ;only works in clear day maps
 0x00F7FD4C 0x18000003

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