Author Topic: Melee Boot (Subroutine‬)  (Read 29 times)

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Melee Boot (Subroutine‬)
« on: February 04, 2012, 04:33:16 pm »
Dont Leak Or Steal Credit./move]

Code: [Select]
#melee boot hold joker (select)
 ;you have to be holding select when you melee some one if you want to boot them
 ;‪jokered by sdrawkcab
 ;original code by sonnie
 0x000060a8 0x0800010d
 0x00000434 0x3c0808e6
 0x00000438 0x8d087f34
 0x0000043c 0x3c090897
 0x00000440 0x240a0001
 0x00000444 0x3c0b03e0
 0x00000448 0x256b0008
 0x0000044c 0xad2b6b64
 0x00000450 0x150a0004
 0x00000454 0x3c0c27bd
 0x00000458 0x258cfff0
 0x0000045c 0xad2c6b64
 0x00000460 0x03e00008

 #melee boot (Subroutine‬)
 ;‪Subroutine‬ by sdrawkcab
 ;original code by sonnie
 0x000060A8 0x0800010d
 0x00000434 0x3c080897
 0x00000438 0x3c0903e0
 0x0000043c 0x35290008
 0x00000440 0xad096b64
 0x00000444 0x03e00008

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