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6.35 PRO B-6
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:02:21 am »

Liquidzigong and Coldbird's PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B9 BETA. Play homebrew, ISOs and enable plugins (prx files). You must be running PSP Official Firmware (OFW) 6.35 prior to installing/using this.


 [!]Vshctrl code refactored
 [!]Disabled "Pause Game" on PSPGo while ISO cache is enabled due to incompatiblity
 [!]Disable ISO cache by default on PSPGo
 [!]Fixed potential lag while displaying ISO movies
 [!]Added support for Popsloader in PRO
  • Added Idol Master SP Genuine Check Bypass Code


 Repaired nodrm engine DDFF012 crash problem when viewing DLC ​​
 Repaired inferno in GTA ChinaTown, Corda2f irregularities
 Updated scePower_driver NID
 PRO will automatically reset the configuration upgrade
 Allows the loading of DA PSP-packer compressed user module
 Added UMD VIDEO MOUNT, no boot disk (currently only use the PSP UMD)
 Added CIPL Flasher (for 6.39 only)
 Added Chinese (non Latin1) ISO file name support
 Added memory stick acceleration
 Added ISO caching in inferno and NP9660 mode

6.35 PRO Features

 Dump UMD Images to ISO
 Dump PSN-Bought Titles to ISO (using NPDecryptor)
 UMD-4-Homebrew Support (Thanks to ardi)
 CFW Folder Hider (fixes DJ Max Portable 3 and possibly other titles)
 Dump PSN-Classic Decryption Keys
 version.txt FW-Revision Fake Support
 Supports new firmware Titles
 PSN Support
 ISO / CSO Playback Support
 PSN Classic Sharing Support (Decryption Keydump required)
 Custom PSX EBOOT Playback Support
 Permanent Bootloader Support (on 6.20 version)
 Recovery Menu Support
 XMB Satellite Support
 Overclocking Support (including WLAN fix)
 High Memory Unlock Support (for 2g+ models, including 5g pause game fix)
 Plugin Support
 NID Resolving Support (1.XX, 3.XX, 5.XX, 6.XX)
 Homebrew Playback Support
 Multiple ISO Drivers (M33, Inferno, NP9660)
 Registry Hack Support (Unlock WMA, Unlock Flash Player, X/O Button Swap)
 PRO NoDRM Engine (use decrypted DLCs for your games)
 5g IoPath Fixer (to improve compatiblity to old plugins on PSP Go)
 Region Fake Support
 MAC Address Hider
 Gameboot Skip Support
 Bootlogo Skip Support
 USB FlashProtect Support
 EBOOT Picture Hider (decreases loading time of EBOOT thumbnails)
 5g Savestate Anti-Delete Feature (prevents savegame deletion on game resume on PSP Go)
 USB Battery Charging Support (for 2g+ models)
 Custom HTML Viewer Save Locations (/ISO)
 Extended KUBridge for Developers (Kernel Range Peek / Poke Support)

Signed, Bot

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