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Code Community Rules December 17, 2011.
« on: December 17, 2011, 06:39:19 pm »
CodeCommunity Rules December 17, 2011.

Make Sure Your Active Daily! Please!
-Posting Rules-
 1) No spamming (Short/one word posts, meaningless posts, double posts, multiple threads for the same thing, bumps, posting in really old threads, etc).
 2) No flamming. Insulting/disrespecting staff and fellow members is against the rules, unless done in the flame section.
 3) No advertising. Posts are not to be made for the sole purpose of advertising a site.
 Offsite links are permitted if they are relevant to the conversation.
 Links to sites such as youtube, rapidshare, megaupload, or similar, are permitted.

-Credit Integrity-
 1) Users are not to take credit for things that don't belong to them, whether it be codes, programs, graphics, download links, or anything else. They may be posted by you, but do not claim credit if you are not the owner/creator.
 2) Material posted on this site as exclusive material or asked not to be reposted elsewhere should not be posted by you on any other site unless you receive permission from the author/owner.

-User Accounts-
 1) Members are not to make multiple accounts, only one is necessary per person. If you can not log in or there is something wrong with your account, first attempt to retrieve your password, if that fails, then you may make another account for the sole reason of contacting an administrator who will them take care of the situation.
 2) Sharing of an account is not permitted, each person is to make an account of their own, for their own personal use.

-****, Downloads, & Copyrighted Material-
 1) Users may not, under any circumstance post any type of ****, illegal downloads, copyrighted materials (including but not limited to; music, programs, games, etc).
 2) Users may not post malicious content (malware, keyloggers, trojans, password stealers, etc).
 3) Users may not post links to any 3rd party sites that host such materials.
 4) Attempting to upload such material to our server (through attachments or otherwise) will result in an instant ban and ip ban.

-18+ Material-
 1) While users are legally permitted to post such material on the site, we do not permit it, as not every member here is of age.
 Such content would be allowed in the appropriate section IF one were to ever be created.

-Shoutbox Rules-
 1) All site rules apply to the shoutbox, although we're slightly more lenient when it comes to some of them.

-ViP and ViP Materials-
 1) ViP members are not permitted to share any material within the ViP section, doing so is known as leaking and will result in loss of ViP and a possible ban. (Sharing your account is considered as leaking).
 2) Regular users are not permitted to accept ViP codes from anyone, for any reason. Users offering ViP material should be reported immediately to the administrators.
 3) We reserve the right to revoke ViP status for breaking the rules of the forum, or if suspected to be leaking.
 4) When you have purchased a ViP subscription please wait at least 24 hours to be confirmed before contacting an administrator.

 1) Attempting to harm the site or server in any way (hack, deface, Denial of Service attack, Distributed Denial of Service attack, glitch, exploit, etc) will result in an immediate ban, legal action may be taken as well.
 2) Any material considered questionable or illegal, or otherwise unwanted by staff may be removed, and the user may be banned or punished in some other manor.


Breaking any rules may result in warning, infractions, or bans.
 Temporary bans may be issued by the system to users who acquire multiple infractions.


-Terms of Use-
 By using this site you agree that:
 -CodeCommunity or any of the staff are not liable for any damages of any sort.
 -You understand that any activity and/or data transmitted to and from the server/database may be monitored & logged at any time by the staff. Such data includes, but is not limited to: posts, visitor messages, shouts, private messages, registration information, etc.
 -You understand that some personal information visible to administrators and moderators (such as your IP Address).

The above may change at any time, with or without notice.
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