Author Topic: (UCUS-98668) All the hacks  (Read 45 times)

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(UCUS-98668) All the hacks
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:50:02 am »
Code: [Select]
#Fly Up (Select)
 ;Credit: TheEliteOne (For the joker) & _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
 ;Press Select to Fly Up untell you die.
 ;You can't stop flying once you have started.
 ;This can be usefull to escape from battles.
 ;You can't go through roofs and walls though.
 ;Once you reach a high enugh hight you die.
 0x0000E300 0x3C0808EB
 0x0000E304 0x85083DCC
 0x0000E308 0x3C0908E1
 0x0000E30C 0x340A0001
 0x0000E310 0x150A0004
 0x0000E318 0x3C0B27A7
 0x0000E31C 0x356B0140
 0x0000E320 0xAD2B1FE0
 0x0000E324 0x03E00008
 0x00146888 0x0E2038C0

 #Instant Start Game
 ;Credit HX-god_of_death
 ;Activate in Pre-Game Lobby. Must be host.
 0x0000015C 0x00

 #Analog - Right
 ;Credit To TheEliteOne
 0x006B3DE0 0xFFFFFFFF

 #Analog Lock
 ;Credit To TheEliteOne
 0x006B3DE0 0x48000000

 #Analog Lock 2
 ;Credit To TheEliteOne
 0x006B3DE8 0x00000000

 #Slow & Glitchy Walking
 ;Credit To TheEliteOne
 0x006B3DE0 0x42A50000

 #Continue Walking Left and Right
 ;Credit To TheEliteOne
 ;When you walk left or right and you
 ;let go of analog you keep walking that
 0x006B3DE4 0xFFFFFFFF

 #Inf Grenades SubRotine
 ;Credit SonniE
 0x0000e2b0 0x3c0808a9
 0x0000e2b4 0x3c092484
 0x0000e2b8 0x35290000
 0x0000e2bc 0xad090004
 0x0000e2c0 0x03e00008
 0x00000098 0x0a2038ac

 #Inf .303 Secondary SubRoutine
 ;Credit WhoIsYou
 0x0000e2c8 0x3c0808a6
 0x0000e2cc 0x3c090000
 0x0000e2d0 0xad094c34
 0x0000e2d4 0x03e00008
 0x0000098 0x0a2038b2

 #Inf Chaingun Shield SubRoutine
 ;Credit Scuzzy
 0x0000e2dc 0x3c0808a7
 0x0000e2e0 0x3c093c04
 0x0000e2e4 0x3529ffff
 0x0000e2e8 0xad09acd4
 0x0000e2ec 0x03e00008
 0x00000098 0x0a2038b7

 #Inf Fareye Secondary SubRoutine
 ;Credit Scuzzy
 0x0000e2f4 0x3c0808a7
 0x0000e2f8 0x3c093c04
 0x0000e2fc 0x3529ffff
 0x0000e300 0xad09ee4c
 0x0000e304 0x03e00008
 0x00000098 0x0a2038bd
Signed, Bot

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