Author Topic: [UCUS-98646/UCES-00279] Killzone Liberation  (Read 64 times)

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[UCUS-98646/UCES-00279] Killzone Liberation
« on: December 21, 2011, 03:01:35 am »
Code: [Select]
Pt 1.

 ;by StR8Kr4zY
 ;crossbows only
 ;Has 360 degree
 ;heat seak
 ;fast projectile
 ;no gravity
 ;pause in air
 ;1 shot kill
 ;bullet pointer lock
 0x0011E234 0x00000000
 0x00138E54 0xC6110114
 0x00138F04 0xC60F0164
 0x00138F38 0xC60E016C
 0x00165328 0x3E88
 0x00165B10 0x1080003D
 0x00165FE4 0x4480A000
 0x001CC7D8 0x7AD0
makes a perfect ball of bows and will kill any1 with-in 10 feet raduis
 attacks automatically seaks out your enemys u can keep this code on and grab a different "gun"
 and shoot with that while the ball takes out the others.

Pt 2.

 ;by StR8KrAzY
 ;Rapid fire
 ;sticky delay
 ;Rockets radius
 ;Sliding rockets
 ;Rockets East to West
 ;Rockets North to South
 ;Never roll of rockets
 ;Rockets str8 v
 ;Rockets never touch platfourm
 0x00139164 0x00000000
 0x001393DC 0xC60D019C
 0x0014B2E4 0x44816000
 0x0014B318 0x14A0005C
 0x0014B654 0x9225012C
 0x0014B7A8 0x10000062
 0x001653B4 0xE7AE11C0
 0x001653BC 0xE7AE11C4
 0x00165908 0x10000041

 #STR8 V
 ;by StR8KrAzY
 0x001652F0 0x0001

 ;Turn on when you lose
 ;the rockets or enemys
 ;lose rockets.=)
 0x0016540C 0xC7AD00B8

To walk the rockets u need to be in a private room by yourself to grab a concept on how this code works.dosent only effect u but every1 in the room aswell.


 Turn on Main code along with STR8 V shoot and walk dont stay still, rockets will frezze in position if u do.

 Now after your walking if rockets teleport off the map just turn on the 3rd part of the code ROCKETS NEVER TOUCH "PLATFOURM" and they'll come bax to you right away then turn that off or rockets will fourm 1 big nuke rocket and you'll be walking that.
Signed, Bot

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